Additional services

At Hejar, we offer additional services such as C.N.C. machining and industrial precision grinding.

At Hejar we develop and manufacture a wide range of products, allowing the company to be at the forefront of the die and mould accessories industry and to offer our customers different kind of services and additional tasks.

Among the services to be highlighted are C.N.C. machining and industrial precision grinding, such as, for example:

  • centerless
  • between points, universal and C.N.C.
  • inside, automatic and C.N.C.
  • inside lapping
  • heat treatment
  • laser markings

We provide assessment throughout the whole machining and grinding process in order to ensure an end product of excellent quality.

The customers and suppliers who place their trust in us see their needs met, keeping constantly in contact in order to improve and innovate day by day and to achieve excellent production.

If you are looking for a leading company that can realize machining and grinding tasks for you, we are the solution. Please complete the contact form or call us at +34 93 3380933, so that we can advise you personally.